Can you make maps from any state?

For my Custom Location Maps all you need to do is provide an address or general location for me to begin!


Can you make out-of-country maps?

Again, all I need is an address or location. But if you want it shipped out of the country then we'll have to talk about shipping costs. Right now I have free shipping within the continental US but outside of the US would be too expensive for me to absorb the costs. 

I see a mountain range in your examples but can I request a specific graphic for the bottom of the map?

I can make custom graphics to replace the mountains on my Custom Location Designs. I also include this service in the price of the custom map. It just makes sense for me to offer this service since I will make a map for anywhere and obviously not all locations have mountains like that...or at all! 


Can I have more than 1 location icon?

Yes, you can have up to 6 location icons in total. The first location icon is included in the price but each additional icon will add an extra $10 each


Can you make my map bigger/smaller?

Not at this time.

To keep production times down and for me to be able to batch my frame production, I have standardized the size of the maps that I create. For me to make larger or smaller versions would mean I'd have to adjust my pricing. Also the current size of my maps is the largest I can currently make. My engraver is limited to a size of 20x12 so that's what I use. The finished size of your map, with the frame, will be 24x15.5


Can I get a fully unique map idea designed by you?

Sure you can! Just get in touch with me and we'll talk about what's in your mind. I can't create anything larger than 20x12 but other than that I'm willing to entertain some creative ideas as long as you're willing to pay for it!


What's the approximate wait time?

Wait times vary throughout the year. During the holiday seasons there might be a longer wait time as I'm dealing with larger volumes of orders. But typically I can get your digital proof out to you for review within 3 days. After approval I ask for 1 week to get your map ready to ship.


How soon will I have my map?

After you have approved your digital proof I ask for a one-week turn around. If for some reason I can't have your order shipped out in one week, I will keep you informed every step of the way. You'll never wonder about your order! After that shipping times depend on how quick the postal service can get your package to you. 


What carriers do you use?

I use USPS and UPS


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free within the continental USA. I will ship outside of the US but we'll have to discuss costs first.