Custom wood map of New Bern, NC from G. Loebick Woodworks

What does it take to create a custom wooden map

People ask me all the time "What does it take to make a custom map for me? 

Well, it's really simple! I start with an address or a general location like "Lake Lanier" and some text for a personalized location icons (Like "Our Home") to be added to their map at an exact place. 

Next, I work my magic and create a digital design using photoshop. Once that digital design is finished, I email it to my customer for final approval. Once approved, I then begin to build the physical piece. Typically I pre-make my map frames in bulk to save time and money, so when we're ready to produce the map, I take the approved artwork, upload it into the Glowforge software and then engrave it onto a maple substrate. I'll also make all the walnut accent pieces at this time.

Once the map is done, I fit it into the pre-finished frame, add the walnut accents, add a saw-tooth hanger on the back, and finally I package it all up in one of my custom made mailer boxes! 

That's it! 

Even when busy, I can typically have a custom map design ready in about 2 days but I do like to ask folks to expect a 1 week turn around just in case something unforeseen happens. 

You can get your very own map today by clicking this link!

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