Revitalize Your Home: 3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Wood Products

Revitalize Your Home: 3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Wood Products

Revitalize Your Home: 3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Wood Products

Spring is the season of renewal, and that includes giving your home a refresh! If you have cherished wood furniture, floors, utensils, or outdoor pieces, dedicating some time to their care can revitalize them and extend their lifespan. Here are 3 easy tips to incorporate into your spring cleaning routine:


Feed and wax

1. Rejuvenate Indoor Wood surfaces with Nourishing Polish:

Does your beloved furniture show signs of wear and tear, like minor scratches or dings? Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner can be your secret weapon. This all-in-one product goes beyond cleaning and polishing. It nourishes the wood, restoring its natural shine and minimizing the appearance of imperfections. It's perfect for tables, cabinets, doors, and even wood paneling. Additionally, its orange oil content leaves a pleasant scent. Find it readily at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or your local home improvement store.


Walrus Oil cutting board oil

2. Pamper Your Wooden Kitchen Companions:

Frequent washing with soap and water can remove the protective layer on your wooden utensils and cutting boards. While essential for hygiene, it's crucial to replenish their protection every few months. Numerous options are available, including mineral oil, mineral oil blends, waxes, and pure tung oil. Each offers varying levels of water resistance and longevity.

For maximum water resistance and longer intervals between reapplications, consider pure tung oil. If you prefer a plant-based alternative, WALRUS OIL - Cutting Board Oil is a certified vegetarian option formulated with natural ingredients.


water on a freshly sealed deckadirondack chairs

3. Protect Your Outdoor Oasis:

Sun exposure takes a toll on outdoor wooden structures and furniture, breaking down finishes over time. If your deck or outdoor furniture appears dull or faded, it's likely time for a fresh coat of stain and/or sealer. Generally, outdoor wood requires reapplication every 3-5 years, depending on sun and rain exposure. Decks, exposed to the elements, might need recoating every 3 years, while sheltered furniture like Adirondack chairs can last much longer.

Pure tung oil, suitable for indoor utensils, can also be used outdoors. However, most major retailers offer various exterior-grade stains and sealers specifically formulated for outdoor use. Ensure you choose a product labeled for exterior applications.

By following these simple tips, you can restore the beauty and functionality of your cherished wood items, allowing them to continue gracing your home for years to come. Happy spring cleaning!

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